No stars got nothing on me, your sun’s got nothing on me.

24 April 2014
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girl: babe come over
boy: I can't I'm having a threesome with an older couple
girl: my parents aren't home
boy: I know

whacky is my new fave word tho

??? okay ???

sometimes idk if u are trying to be funny or just being an outright douche sorry???

like i’m rly just wondering why u would bring up a comment like that when it’s irrelevant

i dont think im ready 2 be a daddy yet. and ur my granddaddy already (bc ur antonellas daddy) but like. i’ll still buy u stuff. we’ll have whacky adventures. arielle and the american dick…er..dique.

ur my fave dique

that says a lot bc i don’t usually like diques ;))))))

24 April 2014

↳ i cleaned . . . kinda

it is 5 degrees celcius and raining and i have the window open bc it too hot

arielle im whisking u away to ny where u can live w/ me the dickhead american we will laugh over our diff spellings of things and i’ll buy u bunuelos

u had me at u buying me stuff <3<3<3

also i didn’t know that spelling things differently meant u was a dick

but certainly thinking that your way is the right and only way and any other way is wrong and inferior means u is a dick

what’s great about having a new job is that i can’t take world religions this spring with douchefucks <3<3<3

24 April 2014

↳ realmfighter
↳ r
↳ tsek-yoo-weh

but americans spell cheque check like what the fuck america (I know this because the banking survey at my job is being used by american branches now. Americans are also dick btw)

did u know?????

not all americans are dicks????

but u certainly are